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Thanks to everyone who stopped by my tables at Vette City Con and Days of the Dead Atlanta.  Both shows were fun times, but sales weren't great.  This makes six shows straight where I didn't manage to break even, let alone make a profit.  I hope this trend turns around soon, but I don't have high hopes.  The convention scene has changed a great deal since 2004 when I started working shows.

Regardless, it was nice to catch up with Dead Dick Hammer and Dead Doreen in Vette City, and April Hunter, Jose Fuentes, and Samantha Strong in Atlanta.  Many thanks to Primo Cardinalli for splitting hotel rooms with me at both shows, and Delta airlines for helping me change my flight time back from Atlanta so I didn't lose a day off.

I'm not sure what my next show will be, but it might be C2E2 in April for at least a day or Days of the Dead Indianapolis at the end of June.  I had to cancel my appearance at Fantastic Con Lansing in April due to a work conflict.  Does anyone want my table?  It's for sale.  Contact the show to ask about it.

I should be sending Mars Needs MILFs #2 to press soon, and I hope to have lettering on Galactrix #3 finished this month.  Wish me luck.

Keep it indie.

The long-awaited third issue of Code Red is finally here.  I'll have some copies for sale at Vette City Con in Bowling Green, Kentucky January 28-29th.  You can also get one signed by April Hunter at Days of the Dead Atlanta February 03-05th.

Speaking of signed books, I recieved a batch of copies of Tentacle Love and More Tentacle Love signed by Isobel Wren.  Isobel is no longer working conventions, so these are rare.  Get them while you can.

Keep it indie.

There's page 16 of Galactrix #3 starring Akira Lane.  What's the subject of this conversation?  You'll have to buy the book to find the answer to that.

Speaking of books, I'm premiering April Hunter's Code Red #3 at Days of the Dead Atlanta February 03-05th.  I'll also have a new art print featuring her and Samantha Strong there.

My first show of the year is actually Vette City Con, and it's January 28-29th.  Don't miss what's sure to be a fun show.  I'm selling all Pickle Press comics there at minimum 50% off.  I need space in my office, so come help me clear out a bunch of stuff.

Keeping on the subject of shows, I'm confirmed for Fantasticon Lansing April 29-30th and will soon be purchasing a table for Neo Comic Con in North Olmstead, Ohio on August 20th.  I'm looking into two more possible shows during the summer.  My fall work schedule won't be friendly to working many (if any) conventions, so don't miss your chance to see me this spring and summer.

"Galactrix" #3 interior art is complete!

I just got word from Celestin, artist of Galactrix, that the interiors on issue 3 are done.  He'll get to work on the cover soon, so look for the completed book at the spring or summer shows.

Speaking of shows, I bought a table for Fantasticon Lansing April 29-30th.  It will be my first show in Michigan in years.  Don't forget to see me at Vette City Con in a couple weeks.  All my comics will be 50% off there.

Keep it indie.

Vette City Con is less than a month away!

Come see me at Vette City Con January 28-29th in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  It looks like it will be a fun show.  They're offering a crazy promotion right now in which they're giving away a mid-90's Chevy van.  No kidding.  I'll have all the Pickle Press books and other stuff for sale there at bargain basement prices, so don't miss your chance to load up on new reading material.

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Code Red #3 sent to press!

Code Red #3 starring April Hunter has gone to press.  Copies will be in full color and sell for $5.00 each.  This is a limited print run of 150 copies.  That's it.  Get yours while you can, as the odds of a reprint are slim.  It will be available for the late winter and early spring 2017 conventions, so don't miss your chance to get a copy signed by April.

That's the black and white cover art (by Craig DeBoard), by the way.  I wrote the script and lettered the book, Monty Borror drew it, and Craig colored it.

Keep it indie.

Inks on "Tantra" #2 are complete!

I'm happy to report that the second issue of Tantra is inked and coloring has begun.  I hope to have this book out sometime in 2017.  Wish me luck.  In the meantime, here's a look at page 20.

Don't forget that all Pickle Press titles (including Tantra #1) are 50% off cover price until Christmas Eve.  Drop me a line with your order.  Shipping is $6.45 for priority flat rate.
Another thing to keep in mind: Vette City Con is a little over a month away.  Come see me, April Hunter, and Jay Fife there January 28-29th.

Keep it indie.

Get your Pickle Press stocking stuffers!

All Pickle Press comics are 50% off cover price now through Christmas Eve.  Shipping is only $6.45 (priority flat rate envelope).  Get your books in time for Christmas for people on your naughty and nice lists.  Drop me an e-mail at picklepress@gmail.com to let me know which titles you want (which are all listed at picklepress.net).

Keep it indie!

Work continues on three new titles.

Artwork continues on both Galactrix #3 and Tantra #2, and coloring continues on the long-awaited Salem, AZ #2.  I hope to have at least Galactrix #3 ready for January.

I might have found an artist for Goddess #1.  I'm waiting on Samantha Strong's review of the artist's portfolio to see if he's won the job.

2016 is (thankfully) near the end, so it's high time to look ahead to shows for 2017.  I already have two booked, Vette City Con and Days of the Dead Atlanta.  I've requested vendor space information from C2E2 but have heard nothing back from them.  I don't yet know what my days off will be like throughout 2017, so it's difficult to make plans for shows right now.  I like to keep the spring fairly open, mainly due to the dates of some music festivals I like to attend in the spring.  I'm overdue for shows in Indianapolis, Ohio, and Michigan.  Let me know of any good shows in your area, even if they're little one-day dealer shows.  I have plenty of stuff in my collection to sell.

Keep it indie. 
I'm searching for someone to draw Goddess#1, an R-rated 23-page comic starring Samantha Strong.  It's a revenge story about a woman coming back from the dead to get even with the human traffickers who killed her.  It features a brutal fight scene in an auto shop, another one on a yacht, and a rainy graveyard scene (among others).  You need to be able to draw backgrounds and a good likeness of Samantha.  She will have a say in choosing the artist, so bear that in mind if you're auditioning.

Please send me your page rates and samples.  We'd like to have this done by spring.

In case you're wondering, Samantha Strong looks like this.

Keep it indie.

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