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Tantra #2 sent to press.

The second issue of my crazy adults only space opera, Tantra, has just been sent to press.  Look for it to premiere at IkasuCon in Fort Wayne, Indiana July 28, 2017.

Meanwhile, lettering and coloring slowly continues on Salem, AZ #2 and Dare: The CONE Project might eventually see the light of day after I finish writing my disaster movie film guide.

Keep it indie.

There's the cover to the long-awaited Tantra #2.  Pencils by Agapito De Los Santos and colors by Mike "the Machine" Indovina.  I hope to have it published by the end of the month.

Progress continues on lettering and coloring for Salem, AZ #2, and I'll have Galactrix #3 for sale in July as well.  I just sent Akira Lane her copies, so you can get one signed from her at a show or order them directly from her.

My next working show will be IkasuCon in Fort Wayne, Indiana July 28-30.  Watch this space for more details.

Keep it indie.
I found some old notes in a filing cabinet in my office.  It was a plan to work Wizard World Chicago, a local dealer show, and some ideas for future Rocket Girl stories (one of which is "Rocket Girl vs. Vampire Elvis").

The most interesting thing on the note is the information about Wizard World Chicago.  It reads "Wizard World - Artist's Alley table.  $200.00 booth.  8' table & 2 chairs & badges."

Two. Hundred. Dollars.

I can only laugh a sad little laugh at this.  A table at any Wizard show now costs more than double that, and a table is probably only 6' wide nowadays.  The shows were a lot more friendly to indie creators then.  You could work a show with your pals and not go broke because it was easy to split expenses.  Now, you can split a table and still have to make back the price of what used to be a full table before you can hope of making a profit.

By the way, a four-day pass to Wizard Chicago will now cost you $102.36.  Getting through the door on Saturday (traditionally the busiest day of the show) will cost you $65.44.  These are advance general admission prices, by the way.  The at-the-door price on that weekend pass is $105.00 and the Saturday ticket is $70.00.  A weekend VIP pass is $250.00.  A weekend pass to Wizard Chicago when I first started Pickle Press was no more than $50.00.  It might've even been $40.00.

It's crazy.  This is part of the reason indie creators like yours truly don't make much money at shows.  People are nearly broke by the time they walk through the door, and they certainly are after they buy a $6.00 hot dog, a couple Funko Pop figures, a $95.00 photo with John Cusack, and a $120.00 autograph from Gene Simmons.

Stuff like this is why I've scaled far back on shows this year.  My last six shows were busts, and attendees are more interested in art prints, celebrity autographs, and just walking around in costume more than an original indie comic for three bucks.  I don't know if the convention scene will go back to focusing on comics, so I plan to work mostly small, local shows.  Let me know if there are any near you that treat indie creators well.

And don't pay $70.00 to attend a show for one day.  Seriously.  Why would you?

Keep it indie.

Lettering has begun on "Salem, AZ" #2!

Yes, the long-awaited second issue of Salem, AZ is one step closer to seeing the light of day since I've begun lettering on it.  The first four pages are done.  Here's your first look at the lettered version of page 2.

I hope to have the book done by fall.  Wish me luck.

Speaking of long-awaited projects, I've reconnected with artist Nicolas Pena to complete a book we started years ago, and a final pin-up is being done for Tantra #2.  Keep your eyes peeled for these new projects.

Keep it indie.

"Galactrix" #3 off to press!

The third issue of Galactrix starring Akira Lane (NSFW) has been sent to press.  It will be available for the summer convention season.  Akira will have copies at Exxxotica Chicago (NSFW) in June, so get your copies signed by her there if you're able to make it to the show.

The last bit of artwork for Tantra #2 is being drawn.  It will be a pin-up by Jason Moser, an old friend of mine from my early days on the indie comics scene.  I haven't seen Jason in ages, so it's fun to be working with him again.

Speaking of working, no shows are on the horizon yet.  I'm still waiting to hear from IkasuCon in Fort Wayne to find out if I'll have a table there.  Wish me luck.  Better yet, write to IkasuCon and tell them to bring me in as a guest.

Keep it indie.

"Galactrix" #3 ready for press!

The third issue of Galactrix is ready to go to press (as soon as I get the money to print it).  It looks great, and Akira provided some great photographs for the interior front cover and the back cover.  I'll start the lettering on the long-awaited Salem, AZ #2 soon, and Tantra #2 will also soon be complete.

I'm still not sure where my next convention appearance will be.  I'm trying to stick to smaller, closer shows so I don't lose my shirt everytime I set up somewhere.  Let me know if there are any good, cheap shows near you.

Keep it indie.
I just finished lettering the interior pages of Tantra #2.  I still need to letter the cover and find images for the interior covers, so don't be surprised if I put out a call for pin-ups.

Here's page 12 to whet your appetites.

The book will hopefully premiere this summer.  Keep it indie!

New colored artwork from "Salem, AZ" #2!

You saw it here first.  Art by Paul Schultz, colors by Joe Fuentes.

That's page eight, by the way.  As you can see, Paul loves the Silver Surfer.

Lettering continues on Tantra #2. I'm not working on any new scripts right now, as I'm under deadline to finish my disaster movie film guide - Decades of Disaster.  That takes precedence over any funny books.

You can get the newly printed Mars Needs MILFs #2 for $10.00 + shipping.  Fewer than 100 of these were printed, and I sent about half of them to Debi Diamond, which means I have even fewer to sell. Don't wait to get your copy.

Keep it indie!

Lettering on "Galactrix" #3 complete!

I'm happy to announce that the lettering on Galactrix #3 is finally done. All the book needs now is a few photos from Akira Lane to put inside it and it will be ready for press.  Speaking of such things, I still need to send Mars Needs MILFs #2 to press, don't I?

In the meantime, here's an action page from the upcoming Galactrix book for your enjoyment.

Keep it indie.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by my tables at Vette City Con and Days of the Dead Atlanta.  Both shows were fun times, but sales weren't great.  This makes six shows straight where I didn't manage to break even, let alone make a profit.  I hope this trend turns around soon, but I don't have high hopes.  The convention scene has changed a great deal since 2004 when I started working shows.

Regardless, it was nice to catch up with Dead Dick Hammer and Dead Doreen in Vette City, and April Hunter, Jose Fuentes, and Samantha Strong in Atlanta.  Many thanks to Primo Cardinalli for splitting hotel rooms with me at both shows, and Delta airlines for helping me change my flight time back from Atlanta so I didn't lose a day off.

I'm not sure what my next show will be, but it might be C2E2 in April for at least a day or Days of the Dead Indianapolis at the end of June.  I had to cancel my appearance at Fantastic Con Lansing in April due to a work conflict.  Does anyone want my table?  It's for sale.  Contact the show to ask about it.

I should be sending Mars Needs MILFs #2 to press soon, and I hope to have lettering on Galactrix #3 finished this month.  Wish me luck.

Keep it indie.

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