Not a car chase movie, but...Oh my...Lynda Carter...

It turns out that Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw has only a couple short car chases in it, and turns out to be more of a road movie / outlaw film with some "Let's stick it to The Man!" stuff thrown into it.  Marjoe Gortner is miscast as Lyle the outlaw with a slight sense of morality.  Lynda Carter and Belinda Balaski out-act him in every scene they share.  Both Ms. Carter and Ms. Balaski are stunning throughout it.  You can't take your eyes off either of them.

Up next are two Burt Reynolds films.

In other news, I finished the script for The Hammer Killer last night.  It's a 96-page slasher horror graphic novel.  The artist, Ricardo Arreola, is excited about it and the conceptual artwork he's been sending me is great.  Wish me luck with it, and please help me crowd-fund it.  I'll need all the help I can get.

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Hammer Killer artwork!

Here's your first look at one of the main characters in The Hammer Killer — Melissa Sangster.  Her look was inspired by the daughter of one of my best friends.

Ricardo Arreola is the artist.  He is going to be well-worth the investment judging from this and other pieces I've seen so far.  Yes, I will have to crowd-source this thing.  It's going to be expensive, but you're going to love this story.  I'm almost done with the script.  I wrote a big action scene for the third act and will start on the two epilogues tonight.

I will probably start reworking Atlantis after this is done.  I want to finish that story while it's still somewhat fresh in my head.  It needs a lot of editing, so it will be an interesting challenge.  I may have to kill many darlings in it.

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chicago cubs

A comic book convention appearance? Really?

Yes, really.  I just paid for a table at the Hall of Heroes Convention in Elkhart, Indiana September 04-05th.  This show isn't even an hour's drive from my house, so it was a bit of a no-brainer.  It's also late in the year, so hopefully most of the COVID-19 restrictions will be in the rear view mirror by then.

I'm also considering two shows in November: SPACE in Columbus, Ohio on the first weekend and the Grand Rapids Comic Con a week later.  I briefly considered Days of the Dead Indianapolis this July but I'm not ready to shell out $300.00 for a table after taking off a couple years of doing so.  The Indianapolis Comic Con in October isn't much cheaper.  I know these shows need to make back some cash they lost in 2020, but I still balk at paying that much for a table.  One advantage of working shows in Indianapolis is that I have a couple free places to stay if need be.

Watch this space and others for more details.  We'll see how this goes.

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lee van cleef

More projects? Sure. Why not?

I've started adapting an old story into a new form.  It was a short story and now it'll be a western comic starring a character named Gray Owl, which is a take on the Apache legend of Great Owl / Big Owl.  I have several western characters running around in my head, and he'll be the first to escape onto paper.

Speaking of old stories, José Fuentes has agreed to color The Javelin #1.  This project has been on the back burner so long that it's covered in thick dust.  Jesús Hernández wants to redraw Rocket Girl #1 and #2 in their entirety, but me might finally tackle Luchador instead and pitch that to IDW.

Then there's Code Red II — which is being adapted from another comic script I wrote almost eleven years ago.   More conceptual artwork is being done on The Truth #1, and I've found an artist I like for The Hammer Killer.  He's itching to get at the script.

How am I going to afford all of this?  By attempting to crowd-fund it, of course.  Wish me luck and please contribute whenever you're able (and when the time comes).

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Not a car chase movie either, but...

Boxcar Bertha turned out to not be a car chase film, but it is (A) a Roger Corman movie and (B) one of Martin Scorsese's first movies.  It's a bit of a road movie, and there is one car chase scene that ends in a pretty good crash down a hill and into a lake, but the film mainly deals with railroad union workers clashing with police and strike busters as Barbara Hershey, David Carradine, Bernie Casey, and Barry Primus hold up trains and railroad offices.  Hershey, as you can imagine, is gorgeous throughout it.  You can't take your eyes off her.

Up next, if I remember right, is a Chuck Norris movie.

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