Come see me at Neo Comic Con August 20th.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table at IkasuCon earlier this month.  Sales weren't great for anyone, but I met some nice people and got to visit some friends I hadn't seen in a long while.

I'll hopefully meet more nice folks at Neo Comic Con in North Olmsted, Ohio on August 20th.  This will be my last show of 2017.  My work schedule in the fall isn't conducive to working any shows, and it will be nice to save some money for other travel and live music.  

As a result, you can expect rock bottom prices on everything at my table at Neo Comic Con.  It's a one-day show, so I'm looking to move a lot of stuff in a hurry there.  Nearly everything on my table will be buy one get one free.   

If nothing else, come to the show to meet my friend Tony Isabella.  He created Black Lightning, so get your books signed by him before the CW show becomes the next hot thing and Tony's line at the San Diego Comic Con is five miles long.


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