More projects? Sure. Why not?

I've started adapting an old story into a new form.  It was a short story and now it'll be a western comic starring a character named Gray Owl, which is a take on the Apache legend of Great Owl / Big Owl.  I have several western characters running around in my head, and he'll be the first to escape onto paper.

Speaking of old stories, José Fuentes has agreed to color The Javelin #1.  This project has been on the back burner so long that it's covered in thick dust.  Jesús Hernández wants to redraw Rocket Girl #1 and #2 in their entirety, but me might finally tackle Luchador instead and pitch that to IDW.

Then there's Code Red II — which is being adapted from another comic script I wrote almost eleven years ago.   More conceptual artwork is being done on The Truth #1, and I've found an artist I like for The Hammer Killer.  He's itching to get at the script.

How am I going to afford all of this?  By attempting to crowd-fund it, of course.  Wish me luck and please contribute whenever you're able (and when the time comes).

Keep it indie.


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